Karly-Marina Loaiza, better known as her stage name Kali Uchis, is a Colombian-American singer, songwriter, record producer, music video director, and fashion designer.

In 2017, she was nominated for a Latin Grammy for “Record Of The Year” and is nominated for “Best R&B Performance” at the 60th Annual Grammy Awards.

This drop oughta sound interesting! Her featuring Tyler The Creator?? We’ll be on the look out.

You guys can’t tell me that this home in Dallas is not beautiful.

Lately I’ve been seeing a lot nice homes on the internet, and the sources would be from Dallas!

I’ve actually been to Dallas, Texas myself, and the homes are huge. That was back in 09 though, so clearly the new thing that’s in right now is the modernism and aesthetic architecture of homes! Count me in.

Quick question! What would you guys do if your child was gay?

Not sure if that picture was real to support this exact caption title, but I believe it was, and it’s the dopest thing to see an artist like Fab support the LGBTQ community!

If my child came out gay, I would love them unconditionally and support them in everything they do, stand for etc.

I’m happy that they’re many celebrities that stand with and support the LGBTQ community.

Kevin Gates is finally out of prison. His first instagram post upon being back really got people! Perhaps a single or maybe even an album is in the works. Or maybe he’s been writing lyrics and working somehow while incarcerated. For him to have all his post deleted, really means there may be a huge comeback. Fresh music. New music. Whatever it may be, people are ready.

Check out his post below

Nipsey Hussle is a fool. You can be a strong and brave Black man and be gay as well. I’m so tired of straight black men shaming gay black men for being “feminine” and “weak” when it is the black gay men who are the main ones on the front line fighting for all Black people.

So many Black queer folks have been on the front line defending all of us. Bayard Rustin, Malcom X, James Baldwin, Alice Walker, Audre Lorde, keithboykin, Langston Hughes, Alvin Ailey, Marsha P. Johnson, Deray, etc…

We need to be better 2018 guys!

I stumbled upon these amazing creations via twitter. Micayla Garza is the creator of these, her caption read “Every wall is occupied”. I find these quite intriguing as they could either be real people she tried to draw/ paint, or just made up people from her mind.

It seems as though she uses a variation of water colors, and pastel..

I love the feel when I look at it.

Check out her instagram: micaylagarza along with her website: micaylagarza.bigcartel.com