A man in Migori chops off wife’s hand for failing to cook..

Woman admitted at Ombo hospital after she was assaulted by her husband because she didn’t cook.. These men are crazy!

The story was that she had a funeral to attend and left him with the kids for 3 days. His children cooked while she was gone. When she returned, he attacked her for being gone too long, his gripe, she was not there to cook for him. This woman is also the sole breadwinner of her family.

May she have a speedy recovery! And hopefully get a new man!


Fancy Modern McDonald’s

Take a look at this incredible architecture of McDonald’s in Rotterdam, Netherlands. If McDonald’s looked like that down here in Miami, everybody would be acting fancy.

Shit I’ll have a royal burger with some royal cheese please.

2018 shall be Michael B Jordan’s year

Michael B. Jordan wasn’t on the big screen in the last two years, but 2018 is going to be a monster year for him with BLACK PANTHER, CREED 2 and the HBO movie FAHRENHEIT 451. And I’m here for it.

Looking forward to more roles like his role in Fruitvale Station. Career defining performance.

You would think this girl is at least 18..

Nowadays you see 13, 14 year olds looking older than ever and better than when my generation was in middle school! Today’s middle schoolers don’t experience their ugly stages, which I think is unfair. But what can we do!

Due to the social media growth, influencers, and impact, it is no surprise that the these younger middle schoolers miss the stage that us 20 year olds went through.

Happy Birthday Baby Girl Aaliyah 🎂 Who Would Have Been 39 Today !

Happy birthday to the legendary star Aaliyah. To think she would’ve been 39 today is crazy. Life is crazy. I’m just thinking about how many hits and great singles and albums she would’ve made if she was still alive. She would’ve been the foundation of R&B (as she still is).

May her soul rest in paradise.

Who said little kiddies can’t be fashionable?

This lil girl is really stunting! S/o to her parents for giving her such great styles. I’m sure she gets compliments left and right. These outfits are too cute.

Some argue that kids should just be kids and wear “normal” non expensive clothing.. I kind of agree and disagree.

Having a child alone is quite expensive, then to buy expensive clothes on top of that may be a little to pushy. Then again, if you have the funds for it, to spoil your kids like that, then by all means!

2018! Harper’s Bazaar & Sølve Sundsbø

Kendall is starting 2018 with a bang! She is at it again with her stunning looks and aesthetics are. I swear she always brings it and the photographers probably love working with her.

I can’t wait to see what else this start has in store for this year. So far it’s looking mighty chic. You go girl!