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DJ Chris Valencia will be performing in several spots throughout Miami during November, catch him out there!

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Congrats to Cardi B and Offset on their engagement! They seem happy together, but man they’ve only been together for 8 months. Not sure how we feel about this, it’s quite quick but hey. Anything in the celeb world is possible. Obviously rich and could afford, and do anything you want, it’s very possible to grow connection with someone when both are wealthy. 

Good luck and congrats to them! Best of wishes. 

I’m really sad to see this news. Their bond was so strong. Via Wendy Williams, we’re not exactly sure what happened and why this happened, but  they suspected money problems, and that Tamar may have been going through a mid life crisis.
Their reality show of Tamar & Vince airs on WE tv, November 9th.

Since Mary and Kendu’s divorce happened, he’s been just milking home girls money. Talk about 30K a month. FOR WHAT, now he’s asking for more! His excuse is that he can’t get jobs, can’t get hired because of Mary J’s songs..assuming she may have talked about the bad a man may have done in the relationship, which is why they’re not together today. Like okay, well who’s fault is that! Man up and go make your own money. Kendu is now asking for 65K a month… boy if you don’t.

I really pray for Mary J Blige! I hope she gets out of this money drain chaos soon.