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Woman admitted at Ombo hospital after she was assaulted by her husband because she didn’t cook.. These men are crazy!

The story was that she had a funeral to attend and left him with the kids for 3 days. His children cooked while she was gone. When she returned, he attacked her for being gone too long, his gripe, she was not there to cook for him. This woman is also the sole breadwinner of her family.

May she have a speedy recovery! And hopefully get a new man!

Nowadays you see 13, 14 year olds looking older than ever and better than when my generation was in middle school! Today’s middle schoolers don’t experience their ugly stages, which I think is unfair. But what can we do!

Due to the social media growth, influencers, and impact, it is no surprise that the these younger middle schoolers miss the stage that us 20 year olds went through.

This lil girl is really stunting! S/o to her parents for giving her such great styles. I’m sure she gets compliments left and right. These outfits are too cute.

Some argue that kids should just be kids and wear “normal” non expensive clothing.. I kind of agree and disagree.

Having a child alone is quite expensive, then to buy expensive clothes on top of that may be a little to pushy. Then again, if you have the funds for it, to spoil your kids like that, then by all means!

Trump reportedly wondered at a White House meeting why the US has to accept immigrants from “shithole countries” — referring to Haiti, El Salvador and African countries. AP sources confirm the use of term “shithole countries”

How could a so called “president” like this act in such way, say such things.. that was cliche because it’s Trump. I’m really not surprised but, this guy needs to be impeached. Now.