34 Yr Old Scott Disic May Have A Reality Show With His 19 Yr Girlfriend Sofia Richie

Reportedly, Scott Disic may be getting a reality show with his girlfriend Sofia Richie. People are still eh and in shock with the whole relationship between the two. The fact that Sofia is 19, and that she is with.. Scott, ex of Kourtney Kardashian, and a father of 3.. it’s like a WHY GIRL. He’s not the one, unfaithful, has the audacity to basically affirm Kourtney to not move on in her life. He literally doesn’t want Kourtney Kardashian to move on.. but why can he? Let alone a 19 year old, let alone Lionel Richie’s daughter!

Kris Jenner may be all for it, and may even be on the show! As long as she’s getting coins and collecting checks, I don’t think Kourtneys feelings are in her mind.

Will I be watching? Ehh. We’ll see.