Azealia Banks Is Fighting With The Wrong One

Azealia Banks VS. Remy Ma?!

Azealia Banks_Photo by Santiago Felipe_Getty Images Portrait_838941020_News.jpg

Azealia Banks who’s 26, lashed out at Remy Ma, who’s 37, says that the hottest music that Remy has released this year since she’s been out of prison was the Nicki Minaj beef, she also says that Remy is nothing but a reality star, and that she isn’t important to rap.

First of all.. Azealia who are you??? This year Azealia banks has been brought up a couple of times but not in the best way. She has literally been bashing other celebrities, and stars, while she herself hasn’t even released music (not that we heard of) or anything good out of the ordinary! She NEEDS to have several seats, and leave home girl Remy Ma alone.

Inside Wale's "Shine" Listening Event

Furthermore Remy Ma claps back, and clapped back hard sis. Remy posted up screen shots of their text conversation from Azealia Banks, literally begging Remy for help, asking her for advice, wether or not she should join Love and Hip Hop, confiding in Remy telling her that no one would hire her.. and lastly spilling some HOT tea saying that she needs a vagina rejuvenation..WELP now we know how Azealia makes her coins!

Remy also then takes to Instagram going live and dragging Azealia a bit more upon the whole beef! Azealia lastly had the audacity to try to clap back again but ew, nah fam. She failed. Remy Ma is a winner.


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