Rising Star Malu Trevejo Released Her Second Single


María Luisa “Malu” Trevejo born October 15, 2002 is a Cuban-American internet personality, dancer and singer who originally came up from the app Musically; belly dancing to random songs that were poppin’ at the time. She gradually grew her fame from there with 2 million fans on the app and moved it over on to Instagram where she soon became verified with 5 million followers, and blew up! On September 22, 2017, she released her debut single “Luna Llena” through Universal Music Latin. Which honestly guys.. it was super groovy. The beat, the lyrics, and the melody of the song was extremely catchy, and memorable.

Check out her debut single below:

2 months later she comes out with her second single “En Mi Mente” Which is not too bad, I definitely liked her first better. Check out her new single below