Man ‘Tortured Girlfriend’s 8-Year-Old Son To Death Because He Thought He Was Gay

A man accused of torturing his girlfriend’s 8-year-old son to death did so due to the fact he thought the child was gay, prosecutor has said.

32-yr-year-old Isauro Aguirre, of Palmdale, California, has been charged with the homicide of eight-yr-old Gabriel Fernandez with a unique situation of torture. The boy’s mother, Pearl Fernandez, additionally faces trial.

At some stage in establishing statements on Monday (October sixteen), la County District attorney’s workplace prosecutor on Jon Hatami detailed the awful abuse allegedly finished by means of the couple.

Hatami explained that Aguirre and Fernandez beat and bit Gabriel, burned him with cigarettes, shot him with a B.B. gun, whipped him, starved him, fed him cat litter, and stored him gagged and certain earlier than he turned into located on may 22, 2013.

Isauro Aguirre (r) and Pearl Fernandez will stand trial separately over the death of 8-year-old Gabriel Fernandez.

“The evidence will display that the defendant is nothing more than a bully,” Hatami stated. “He become a security officer who intentionally tortured and abused a helpless and innocent little boy.”

Aguirre’s protection attorney stated that even as his client admits homicide, he denies the price of torture, consistent with KTLA5.

John Allan, protecting, stated: [Aguirre] is guilty of murder, but the unique situation alleged, that he meant kill Gabriel with the infliction of torture, wasn’t truth.

I find it disturbing that Aguirre basically admits to murdering the child but denies the charge of torture. Hopefully both him and the girlfriend get a death sentence.

In my mind, obviously the mother should’ve protected her child, where was she? Super in love with her boyfriend? That’s basically a stranger to the kid; clearly not his dad. What kind of nonesense..She should’ve stood by her child regardless whether or not she thought her child was gay herself. LGBTQ CHILDREN SHOULD BE PROTECTED AT ALL COST. Especially when they’re young, not only would they be bullied by evils, but in their mind, they may just commit suicide. PREVENT HARM AT ALL COST.


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