Halloween Album Of The Year By Michael Jackson


Scream by Michael Jackson

No, not the duet with little sister Janet (although, this tune makes an appearance), but a new compilation from the estate of MJ.

This “Halloween album” is filled with the macabre and mystery from Jackson’s back catalogue, including the odd trick and treat. There are classics (Thriller, Dirty Diana, Blood on the Dance Floor), a few of wild cards (Unbreakable, Ghosts, Xscape) and a couple of oldies from The Jacksons catalogue (This Place Hotel, Torture). It all works incredibly well as a concept album, telling the story of an old gangster flick with a hint of horror and allows its listeners to reminisce about the not so memorable tracks. For some, it could be a neat way to hear unknown stuff for the first time ever, which is a great thing!

Finally, there’s this mondo crazy remix of a few tracks giving the fans something new to lap up, not to mention the Steve Aoki remix of Thriller that seems to be getting a lot of stick. This’ll provide a great soundtrack to any Halloween party this season.

Check out the full album below.


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