Former Pussycat Dolls Member, Kaya Jones, Says The Group Was A Prostitution Ring

Everyone knows how hard it is to get into the entertainment/ music industry. And in this world, it is especially hard for women. “It’s A Man’s World” they say. Many stories lately have been exposing men that has “helped” clients, (meaning women in acting, music etc) only if they give them what they want. AKA getting down and dirty. Many women today have stories “allegedly” being sexually harassed through their journey of their come up, and what they had to deal with working with some people in the industry just to be known and cut a good check. We’ve heard the recent stories of Harvery Weinstein and his dirty work.

This former Pussycat doll Kaya Jone is now talking out about how she was in a “prostitution ring” meaning they were taken advantage during their time of their music careeer because they were women. Check out her tweets below.

It’s super crazy.. how long this whole act of giving sh*t up to people to get what you want has been going on. It’s modern day slavery.

But the world where abusers and all evil that has been done to woman, seems like its being undone one tweet at a time, the movement right now is good.

More people, should and will continue to speak out their situations as they see now that everyone else is doing it.

I hope in this generation, people will realize that NO WOMAN or ANYbody should have to do dirty work to get to where they need to. And in the end, you’d be much more greater in mind and body, once you make it, knowing that you didn’t have to give up your dignity to the disgusting people that you may come across as you work your way up to the top. Know yourself, know your worth.


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