Why Haven’t We Seen Much Of Kylie Jenner!?


We all know the Instagram/ Snapchat queen Kylie Jenner, and her about to be, billion dollar company owner of Kylie Cosmetics. She is 20 years young, owns a beautiful mansion, several cars, and lives an extravagant life. Not many 20 year olds today can relate. She recently wrapped up her season finale of “Life of Kylie” which had a lot of great ratings. The show is basically a behind-the-scenes, of Kylie’s life, which involves a lot of scenes with her BFF Jordyn Woods, and her team. The show entails her life decision-making, finding herself, and what her true passion is in life.. even after having everything a person could ever want. What stood out most in the show was her desire to make her fans happy, and actually reaching out to a few, and meeting up with them/ spending time with them. It shows how actually vulnerable and how caring she is.

Besides allat, this girl is reportedly pregnant, 4 months along the way.. and it may be with Travis Scott! Sources say she plans to break the internet like how her sister Kim Kardashian did with her shoot with Paper Magazine.


At first people said the pregnancy might’ve been fake because it was announced around the same time of the 10th anniversary of Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s.. coincidence much? But then can someone explain why she hasn’t been on her social media lately? But when she is, she posts either close-ups/ selfies, or OLD pictures of herself. Then on Snapchat she’s just simply promoting her Kylie Cosmetic line. Is she trying to hide the BABY BUMP?

This was the latest “full body” picture she had posted on her Instagram, but she’s wearing a big shirt! Hmm I wonder why?!

Well let’s see y’all, we love Kylie, but not the idea of having Travis Scotts kid! Til next time guys.


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