Where Is Young M.A?


Towards the end of 2016 was when Young M.A was really discovered by everyone, after dropping her well-known track OOOUUU. She blew up, her story upon being discovered is quite interesting as well. Young M.A actually had an opportunity to be on Empire, as a character named Betty Bars, but she turned it down because she didn’t wanna be discovered as an actor from a show first, she wanted to be discovered as the rapper. The story is dope, that’s why the character was from Brooklyn because the part was written for her!

So since her single OOOUUU, she’s been poppin’, and flashy on the gram, getting interviewed by many, and performing on the big screens such as the BET awards in 2016.


But she’s been lying low lately on the media. Her last drop was her single Same Set. We’re sure she is putting that underground work in though. Check out her latest song/ music video below.