Anticipating Camila Cabello’s First Solo Album!


So as many of you know, Camila Cabello, was from the group Fifth Harmony, and recently left to be a solo artist. Many have sought out that she was meant to be a solo artist, and that they have seen it coming.


When she left the group, it of course stirred up the internet like crazy! So many people including the remaining girls of the group were devastated. They began together, through X Factor back in 2012, and worked their way up. Although they were originally all solo’s when they auditioned at X Factor, it was Simon Cowell that put them together. And they turned out amazing. THEY WERE AMAZING, and still are! People really thought they were going to stick together for a very long time because of how good they were, and how well they looked all together. But rumor had it that Camila stood out as the “most talented” amongst the rest. Not gonna lie, her voice is quite distinctive. But together they were great.

Push comes to shove, Camila is on her own now, and she is POPPIN’. Sizzlin y’all, her latest singles “OMG” and “Havana” was swarming around the internet. Check out both songs below.

From the sounds of these jams, we can only imagine how her entire album may be. We can’t wait to hear it! Congrats so far Camila! You’re doing great sweetie.