Cardi B’s New York Anthem “Bodak Yellow” Is Quickly Taking Over The Rest Of The Country

Bodak Yellow is clearly the shit right now and has reached the #1 charts for SoundCloud AND iTunes.

A lot of New Yorkers; Bronx Jawns, has been bumpin Cardi’s single and has referred it as the song of the summer. Originally the song was released through Atlantic Records, but at the same time was being heard throughout the entire city on car stereos! Her release is no doubt bringing her major success on social media and huge markets across the country.

Not only is the message and beat of Bodak Yellow bumpin, but the music video to it was everything. The visuals, the aggression yet boss gestures she portrayed in the video, just gave the song that extra BOOM. Can’t f*ck with her! Haha. Check out her video below.

Social media had gotten so stirred up with the song to the point, a question has reached out to Kodak Black asking him if he liked the song, and his response was that, he didn’t like Cardi B at first, but after hearing Bodak, he fucked with her. He also responded like a “woah, you tryna holla” because the name of the song is like a mimic to his name. Here’s a video of Kodak’s response to Cardi’s track.

Man Bodak Yellow’s so LIT, that people started posting videos on Instagram and Facebook like “How It Be Like When I Listen To Bodak Yellow” and it’ll be them turning the f*ck up–in an exaggerated hilarious way. This video below is by far the favorite.

Bodak Yellow is Cardi B’s first charting single, and has been climbing up on the Hot 100 since it’s release. Eventually the track peaked the Top 50 and is still rising. At Apple Music’s Top Songs, Bodak Yellow is at No. 2, and is at the top of SoundClouds most played tracks, reaching more than 1.5 million streams.

From talking about her “regular degular shmegular life” on the media, to getting her Instagram fame and turning it into a reality TV stardom AND a poppin’ rap career… It’s safe to say that Cardi B has done made it, but is just getting started.


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