Basement Miami is one popular spot to definitely put on your “Things to do in Miami” list. You got an ice rink, bowling joint and a club in the mix. What more could you ask for! Last night they had special guest Djs; Disco Neil, Silent Addy, & Reid Waters. 

-Image Credit: Annesta Le

-Image Credit: Basement Miami

Here are some flicks we got of dope people enjoying their time from last night.

This we might say was the highlight of the night! Haha the turn is always real in Miami! 

Be sure to check out Basement Miami if you’re looking for a good time.

Known for its imaginative approach to accessories, PINTRILL has joined sports lifestyle brand ’47 to combine pin and embroidery designs in a collaborative cap collection. Inspired by a mutual love for culture, each design nods to a city and its respective local cuisine which appears alongside the ’47 CLEAN UP MF cap. From the NYC Saucey denim wash cap — featuring a rat eating a hot dog — to the Tokyo Hot Ramen cap with a steaming bowl of noodles, the collaboration comes from the brands’ creative interpretation of city pride.

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We caught up with the PINTRILL crew as founder and creative director Jordan Roschwalb, and designer Naomi Otsu walked us through the design and creative process for the capsule. Check out the video of how the collaboration transpired above and stock up on the latest accessories for $45 USD available on PINTRILL, ’47, and HBX.
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