If you made it out to Supreme’s weekly drop today, you may have noticed something a bit different across the street, a new billboard designed to get people who resell streetwear to start investing their money for retirement. The message comes courtesy of Wealthsimple, which is a new breed of investing service.

For the latest installment in the company’s Data series, Wealthsimple continues to dig into the numbers to learn more about how the world of money works, here focusing on the iconic streetwear imprint.

While most Supreme resellers are seemingly attempting to grow their money into more money, Wealthsimple wants to get such individuals to think about their future, more specifically, retirement. The investing service insists that one can become a millionaire simply by reselling Supreme goods, and that’s even before 60 years of age.

“Supreme is the only company anywhere, outside of like Tesla or some shit, where the sell-through rate is literally like 99 or 100 percent,” Lawrence Schlossman, brand director at the premier online reseller Grailed, told Wealthsimple. “I can’t think of any other brand that’s comparable. It’s hard to really put into words how much bigger the demand and want and audience is for Supreme products versus the amount of Supreme that exists in the world. Proportionally speaking, I can’t think of another business that has been so successful employing scarcity on purpose.”

After taking a look at the challenges of reselling, as well as the method behind the reselling madness, Wealthsimple provides info on the resell percentages of various items, notably the classic box logo tee, in addition to more hyped collaborative styles that tend to do very well. More notably, the company reveals that clothes most often outperform objects.

But once you’ve profited from your Supreme hustle (pun intended), what should you then be doing with your earnings?

Wealthsimple breaks it down that if you flip 149 items each year, with an average of $67 USD profit on each, then you will earn $10,000 USD annually. Then to turn 10 grand into one million, the firm recommends using a combination of extremely low fees, efficient investment portfolios, and simple software, like Wealthsimple, of course.

For a more detailed breakdown of how you can become a millionaire simply by reselling Supreme, follow on over to Wealthsimple.

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You may not have known it—really, why would you have—but Ty Dolla $ign‘s been on the hunt for a brand new fish tank to install in his lush Long Beach, Calif. crib. With that goal in mind, the platinum-selling crooner enlists the help of the best in the business—a.k.a., the cast of Animal Planet’s Tanked.

In a new preview for the latest Tanked episode, the jovial Wayde, Brett and Robert “Robbie Redneck” Christlieb plan to construct a massive freshwater tank in Ty Dolla $ign’s crib. Having just returned from the recording studio, Ty, who’s currently working on Beach House 3, lets the crew know it’s too early for their bright, cheerful hellos when they show up at his front door, but at the end of the day, he knows the significance of the task at hand and immediately lets them in.

From there, Ty, who’s just popped up on Meek Mill’s new single, “Whatever You Want,” shows the team around his crib, opening his personal liquor cabinet before jokingly offering the team a drink. Then the group of determined men begin discussing the urgent matter at hand: Ty Dolla $ign’s new fish tank.

The new tank Ty wants constructed will come complete with a real rock insert and perfect replicas of Ty’s awards embedded into a wall. Can the crew get it done? We’ll have to wait and see to find out.

Check out the preview of Tanked for yourself below and watch the full episode tonight (June 2) at 10 p.m. ET/9 p.m. ET. on Animal Planet.

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