This kid hid a Stephen Curry jersey underneath his Cavs shirt


One undercover Golden State Warriors fan went to new lengths to hide his fandom during the Cleveland Cavaliers’ Game 4 win over the Boston Celtics on Tuesday. His covert operation included posing as a Cavs fan and then revealing his Warriors jersey underneath his Cleveland shirt when the camera hit him.

Props to the kid for somehow getting the cameraman’s attention before showing his true colors. You can see a nearby Cavaliers fan trying to cover up the kid’s Stephen Curry jersey, but at this point, the damage had already been done.

We’ve seen worse switch-ups before though. You didn’t forget about that so-called Thunder fan, who switched into a Bucks T-shirt mid-game, did you?

This stuff is contagious.

Odds are Curry may have seen the young fan reveal the jersey, too. The two-time MVP just helped complete a sweep of the San Antonio Spurs on Monday, something that’s only been done twice since 2000, and has off until the NBA Finals start in mid-June. Rest assured, he and his teammates are watching every moment of every Cavaliers’ game up until their Finals showdown.

The Cavs went on to beat the Celtics, 112-99, so maybe a little fickle fandom is all they needed to light the fire under the pot.

-Via SBNation