Chance The Rapper Does the Bow Wow Challenge With His Daughter


Thanks to Bow Wow’s need to tell alternative facts on social media, the Bow Wow Challenge is taking over the internet. Chance The Rapper is one of the latest celebrities to participate in the viral fun, even getting his daughter involved.

Lil Chano recently posted a video on Instagram that shows the rapper about to board a private jet while holding his seed. “Say hey mommy,” he says to the camera, urging his daughter to speak. “Say Bow Wow Challenge,” he adds. In the next clip, Chance is actually in the jet getting ready to take flight.

In case your internet has been off for the last few days, Bow Wow has again become the butt of jokes after a flexing gone wrong moment, where he posted on social media about taking extravagant transportation when in fact he was flying coach. The no-chill internet then came up with the Bow Wow Challenge where people boast about doing one thing, only to actually be doing something much less noteworthy.

According to Shad, there is a reasoning behind his actions. “Off top, I love it, because people don’t understand the scientific method to my madness,” Bow Weezy revealed during an episode of Hot 97’s Ebro in the Morning. “Number one, I’m about to have the biggest show on WE TV period. Period. I’m saying that right now. Period…you gotta just watch the show.”

This is kinda becoming a pattern. So we hope Bow Wow does have some kind of “told you so” end game.

Check out Chance’s video below.

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