Forever 21 Rips off Supreme and Stüssy Collaborator Phade


Forever 21 is hit again with another copyright infringement suit on the horizon. This time, the fast fashion behemoth was caught selling a sweatshirt that bears a graphic blatantly stolen from graffiti artist Phade. Phade is a part of art crew Shirt Kings, who made airbrushed designs donned by the likes of LL Cool J, JAY Z, RZA and others. Phade has also worked with Supreme and Stüssy.

This isn’t the first time that Forever 21 has copied other designs — it released a range of clothing obviously “inspired” by Kanye West’s Pablo merch, a hoodie featuring a rip-off of Thraser’s recognizable logo, copied Emily Oberg’s Sporty & Rich aesthetic. Forever 21 has even been hit with a huge lawsuit from adidas.

According to Phade, ”One thing I love about this culture is that we pride ourselves on research and authenticity. We reach out to one another and thus we create the platform we know as collaboration. It’s on us to protect that.” He’s represented by Jeff Gluck who has previously fought for other streetwear brands and artists. Currently, Phade hasn’t yet filed a lawsuit but intends to enforce his rights to the fullest extent.

Image Credit: Forever 21
-Thanks HB!

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